15 Grocery Store Hacks to Save You More Money

In a previous blog post, I gave you five grocery store hacks that could save you almost $500 every year—money that you could invest to boost your retirement fund. I encouraged you to send in your own grocery store hacks. And you offered some great ideas!

Here are some of the things you said you do to save money:

Shopping Tricks

Don’t be afraid to try the store brand. Often times it’s way cheaper than the name brand and just as good!
— Peggy S.

Freeze meat when it’s on sale. If you watch the ads you will see when it’s is a good time to stock up.
— Loree R.     

For non-meat items, purchase products at $.15 an ounce or less.
— Duane K.

Keep track of sales on favorite items. Stores usually have a set cycle. For example, my favorite drinks go on sale every six weeks. So I stock up during the sale price.
— Amanda A.

Meal Planning Secrets

I cut our grocery bill by a couple hundred dollars a month by doing one big shopping trip at the beginning of each month instead of lots of little stops. It helps to cut down on the number of unnecessary items that make their way into the cart each visit.
— Joanna T.

We plan meals out for the week and only buy what’s on the list.
— Fiona S.

Plan meals around what’s on sale.
— Jason B.

Grow your own veggies!
— Ginger W.

Valuable Tech

I use Walmart Savings Catcher. They compare the prices of everything you buy to all of your local retailers. If anyone else has it cheaper, they return the difference to you.
— Jamie H.

 Use the Flipp app to price match. I save at least $10 a week on things I was going to buy anyway.
— Jennifer P.

There’s a new app out called Basket. You enter your shopping list and the app will tell which local store will give you the most savings based on your items.
— Pam R.

Other Helpful Tips

Rotate stock and be aware of what you have on hand so you don’t overspend. If you throw food away, don’t buy it again for a month.
— Randy K.

Don’t buy too much, especially fresh fruits and veggies. That just becomes cash in the trash.
— Tammy T. 

Never go to the store hungry!
— Connie L.

Now, these grocery store hacks are useless if you spend the money on other things! Make sure you have a system for putting that extra money away for your retirement, even if it’s just putting the money in a jar and opening an IRA at the end of the year.

You’re using these hacks for a reason, so stay focused. Keep that retirement dream in your sights!