6 Ways to Make Extra Money Over Labor Day

It’s Labor Day weekend.

Across the nation, families are packing up their suitcases for one last getaway to mark the end of summer. Those who stay home are relaxing by the pool or enjoying a cookout with friends.

There’s another Labor Day activity you could choose, and it’s one you probably haven’t thought about: making extra money for retirement. It’s an extra day off. Use it wisely!

Spend Time to Make Money

You’ve probably read articles about having a garage sale or delivering pizzas to earn some extra cash for your retirement savings. Those are great ideas, but they only scratch the surface of possibilities. Try out a few of these gems:

1. Rent out your home

Companies like Airbnb allow people to list, find, and rent their homes, apartments and other spaces in thousands of cities around the world. If you live in a tourist area, this could be an easy way to make some money . . . if you’re neat and tidy!

2. Be a sitter

Offer to take care of pets while friends go away for the weekend. If you like senior adults, you might be great at being a day companion. The personal rewards make for great pay too.

3. Online jury focus group

Before a big case, some lawyers will prepare for trial by testing out their arguments online with focus groups. You won’t get rich overnight, but it’s an easy way to make money without ever leaving your house.

4. Be a field agent

As in the Field Agent app. Download it (or similar apps—there are lots) to your phone, fill out profile questions, and complete jobs in your area. You might collect information from stores, like price checks and quantity of items. Or you may be asked to take surveys or field studies. Once you complete the job, you get paid—usually from $3 to $12.

5. Review music

If you love music, this gig is for you! Sign up with an online company like slicethepie.com and listen to unsigned bands and artists. Then simply leave a review. The better you get at the reviews, the more money you’ll make!

6. Sell your creative work

Some online sites will allow you to sell photos, original video and music, and original illustrations. There are options for royalties and resale rights, so you could earn some residual income too.

Whatever you make from your odd jobs goes straight to your retirement fund. And that can add up, especially if you use spare time to take on these money makers. Every little bit can result in a huge payoff later.

If you’re motivated enough to change your retirement future, you’ll find ways to make extra money. You’ll make the sacrifice of time and effort because you know the reward is coming. And that’s what you need to focus on.

So go on. Get busy. Right now!