Behind-the-Scenes and Highlights From the Retire Inspired Book Tour

Sometimes, there are no words. And for a guy who makes his living by talking, that’s a big deal.

As you’re reading this, I’m recovering from one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, challenging, exciting, empowering and demanding experiences of my life—the Retire Inspired book tour. It was a 16-day, 12-city marathon on a tour bus. And I am grateful for every minute of the experience.

So Many Cities, So Little Time

What better place to launch a book on retirement and finances than New York City? I had the privilege of talking retirement on some of the most famous TV programs in the world, including Fox and Friends, Fox News, and Wall Street Journal Video. It still feels unreal.

From NYC, we hustled to the Windy City, a.k.a., Chicago. I got to be on WGN News, one of the dozens of interviews I did on the tour. That night, we hosted a Smart Money event—the largest audience ever for that event! I got to inspire thousands of people to leave their excuses at the door and take charge of their futures.

From there, the schedule hit a higher gear. We traveled from coast to coast and made pit stops in between. Nashville. Atlanta. South Carolina. Texas. Arizona. California. The inside of that tour bus is forever etched into my memory. And so are the people I met.

So Many Books, So Many People

One future millionaire stood out to me in particular. Meet Nathan. His mom posted a picture of him on Facebook with a caption saying he wanted to “be Chris Hogan for Halloween and pass out Retire Inspired instead of candy.” Turns out he lives in Georgia, and we were stopped in Atlanta for a conference. A few phone calls and texts later, I got to meet Nathan. What an amazing young man God has wired for great things. On a long and grueling tour, Nathan gave me the energy I needed to keep going. Knowing that I could influence the next generation . . . well, nothing can fuel your passion like that.

So Many Comments, So Much Inspiration

At book signings and events, people tell me lots of things. I get to hear about their struggles and their successes. I learn about all the ways people get duped into making stupid decisions, and I love the looks on their faces when they discover that their past mistakes don’t have to determine their futures. When that light bulb goes on, you can see the hope fill their eyes. That makes up for all the late nights, hotel rooms and cramped bus time.

I also got to interact with people on social media. I’m encouraged by the people who talked about their dreams for the future:

  • “Great event last night! I laughed and cried with you. I’m 25 years old, and I know confidently I will be a millionaire if I keep living these principles. I get to determine my path and future. I’m not a victim. THANK YOU!”

No, my friend, you’re not a victim. You’re way ahead of the game. Way to go!

Mixed in with the comments and encouragement on social media was a big dose of humor. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • “Is @ChrisHogan360 as big in person as he seems on TV? Would love to shake paws with him. Can’t wait to read #RetiredInspired.”
  • “@ChrisHogan360 Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. P.S. Have you ever sang the bass line for the song ‘Elvira?’” Now, that’s a line I might be able to sing!
  • “@ChrisHogan360’s voice makes me want to try and bench press a VW.” If I tried to do that, I would hurt myself!

Let’s just say I’m not exactly petite, but if I tried to bench press a VW, I’d be in traction for a week. And sing that song? I could . . . but it wouldn’t be pretty. I think I’ll stick to my strengths and talk to people instead.

So Much Excitement, So Much to Do

The suitcase is put away for a bit, but it’s definitely not going in storage. The rest of the year is ahead—a year of speaking and writing and challenging people to get serious about their futures. I’ve still got work to do and so do you. This can be the year you make serious progress in your retirement dream. So get to work!

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