A picture of Susan and Brad, everyday millionaires!

It’s Never Too Late: How Susan and Brad Became Everyday Millionaires

If you’re feeling hopeless about your retirement journey, meet Susan and Brad. They dug themselves out from under a mountain of debt. And today? They’re everyday millionaires. Read their story.

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A pie chart explains the common types of mutual funds.

Common Types of Mutual Funds

Just like any other purchase, there are good financial products and there are bad financial products. You don’t want to just grab any old mutual fund off the shelf! Learn about types of mutual funds.

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A picture of Chris Hogan.

Average Retirement Savings in the United States

How are Americans doing when it comes to retirement savings? These numbers will motivate you to rise above average and keep chasing down progress.

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A man looks at a computer screen with his retirement number goal.

How Much Money Do I Need in Retirement?

Everyone’s nest egg number is different. Learn the five main factors that will impact your retirement goal. Plus, use our calculator to figure out how much you need to save every month to get there!

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How to Invest in Real Estate

Real estate is a tried and true investing move. Here's what you need to know about investing in real estate—from ways to make money to tax implications. Plus, learn six practical steps to get started!

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A picture of a Bible on a desk.

Having Faith During a Financial Crisis

When the money runs out, where do you place your hope and security? Read on to learn what the Bible says about hard economic times, plus learn five principles for trusting God with your finances.

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An image of Chris Hogan looking at the camera.

The High Price of a 401(k) Withdrawal

Life throws us lots of curve balls, and some of them are expensive. Should you turn to your 401(k) in an emergency? Chris Hogan breaks down the details of the 401(k) withdrawal and explains your options.

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stock market crash

Will the Stock Market Crash Again in 2021?

We can make predictions all day long, but no one knows what’s going to happen in 2021. Here are important trends that could contribute to a stock market crash.

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A picture of Kasey and Noah and their family in front of their paid-for home.

How Kasey and Noah Paid Off Their Mortgage in Their 30s

Most people say that having a mortgage is just a fact of life. Well, who says you have to listen to most people? If the idea of paying off your house early seems as impossible as climbing Mount Everest, I want you to know that it is possible. You know how I know that? Because I talk to all sorts of people who have gotten focused and done it. That means you can too! 

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An image with sketches of stocks and investing symbols.

What Are Stocks and How Do They Work?

Did you ever hear the story about the tortoise and the hare when you were a kid? Believe it or not, we can learn about investing from this little tale. There’s a fast and reckless way to approach buying stocks (the hare) and a slow and steady way (the tortoise). I bet you can guess which one I recommend. Yup—the tortoise. I want you to win this race, no matter how long it takes!

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