Where Do You Want
To Live When You


Where will you live when you retire? In your current home, a villa on the beach, closer to your kids? In this email series, we’ll help you create a clear plan to get in your dream home.

You get to decide where you retire.

If you haven’t talked with your spouse about the specifics of your retirement—where you want to live and the house you want to live in—let’s get it done now. In this email series, I’ll help you decide if you should…

Sell Your Home or Stay.

The housing market is hot, and you could easily make a lot of money by selling your current home. But is it better to sell or stay?


Living in a smaller home could give your retirement fund the extra boost it needs.

Buy More House.

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement, and you want to stretch out in a bigger home. Should you do it?

Invest in Real Estate.

Investing in real estate can be a great source of passive income. But how do you get started?

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