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The Secret That’s Killing Job Production

As a business leader, you want to be the hero for your team. You hope they see you as confident and competent. A trail blazer. A problem solver. A resource. […]

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4 Ways to be a Financial Mentor

When you experience the freedom and joy that comes from winning with money, you’ll naturally talk about it. You’ll want to pass along what you’ve learned, especially when you know […]

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What is a Personal Brand?

In the earlier days of advertising, a brand was product produced by a particular company under a specific name. For example, Tide is a brand of laundry detergent manufactured by […]

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5 Ways to Become a Strong Leader Others Will Follow

Just because you’re a leader in an organization doesn’t mean others want to follow you. I know that can sound harsh, but it’s true. You could supervise 3,000 people who […]

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How to Calm the Chaos and Empower Your Family to Connect

Keeping a family running smoothly is like herding cats through an open field. If your house is anything like mine, it’s a perpetual mess of schedules, homework, housework and five […]

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What’s a Good ROI? It May Be Different Than You Thought

When you own a business, one of the many things you worry about is the ROI—the return on your investment. It’s one way to measure the growth and profitability of […]

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3 Questions Every Leader Needs to Ask

As a business leader, you’re a pro at asking questions. Budget updates. Timeline details. Marketing channels. And of course, you ask about team members. Or do you? At the frenzied […]

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The Forgotten Leader Who Changes Lives

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some blaze trails by starting new companies. Others shepherd churches, run hospitals, give orders to platoons, or care for animals. Some have big […]

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Freedom Isn’t Free

When it comes to saving for retirement, sacrifice is necessary. But today I want to thank the people who have truly sacrificed to protect our country. There are so many […]

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5 Lies That Weaken Your Leadership

As a leader, you’re confident in your ability to direct a group of people to accomplish your company’s goals. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be a leader. You believe in your business […]

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