How To Talk About Money With Your Spouse

Episode 47 | January 31, 2018

Show Notes

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Hogan addresses how “sharing is winning.” When a couple is on the same page about their future, they can win in high-definition.

Wake-Up Call: Leah is an FPU coordinator, and she recently heard about fixed index annuities. Are they legit?

Wake-Up Call: William is working on Baby Step 4 and wants to dial back his part-time job. Will it hurt his progress?

Deep Dive: Hogan talks about the importance of the dream date for couples, along with some Do’s and Don’ts for those dates.

Wake-Up Call: Jon can only put away $3,000 a month. How can he balance his investment across his 401(k), Roth IRA and mutual funds?

Question From Hogan’s Retirement Challenge Facebook Group: What should I do if I want to go to college but my parents can’t help me pay for it?