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Your financial dreams can become your reality, and Chris Hogan will show you how. His mission is to educate, encourage and empower people to take control of their money and chase down progress. Whether he’s coaching someone one-on-one or speaking to an auditorium of thousands, Chris’s guiding motivation is to serve others and help them dream big.

For over a decade, Chris has served on the Ramsey Solutions team. He is the #1 national bestselling author of two books: Retire Inspired and Everyday Millionaires. He hosts The Chris Hogan Show, a caller-driven show focused on helping people of all ages build wealth, invest and save for retirement. He is an authoritative voice on the topics of money, business and leadership and inspires audiences with the energy of a coach and the insight of a mentor.

Chris appears regularly on Fox Business, Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, and the Rachael Ray Show. He has also made appearances on CNN and CNBC. Chris is a keynote speaker and consultant for Fortune 500 companies all across the country. His advice has been featured in Business Insider, Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest and the The Washington Post.

His most recent bestseller, Everyday Millionaires, was released in January of 2019. And with over 10,000 millionaires surveyed, it’s based on the largest study of millionaires ever conducted. In the book, Chris proves that the American Dream isn’t dead. It’s alive and available for people who are willing to work for it. 

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