How the R:IQ Can Help You Reach Your Retirement Goals

What is the R:IQ?

It stands for Retire Inspired Quotient. It’s a free online tool I’ve developed to help you discover your retirement number. I want you to know in sharp detail how much money you’ll need to live on in retirement so you can work toward that goal.

But the R:IQ is not just a simple calculator. It allows you to adjust several factors: the number of years you want to invest, the amount of interest you think your money will earn, the rate of inflation, and the withdrawal rate. Once you’ve set these factors, you’ll get your retirement amount. The R:IQ also gives you a customized checklist that outlines other things you need to do so you can retire without any worries—things like getting long-term insurance, for example.

I talked about the R:IQ tool in a recent podcast. To take a listen, go to my podcast page. Then take action!