Jan 18, 2017

#17: Million (with special guest Dave Ramsey)

Show Notes


Hogan has special guest Dave Ramsey on to continue the self-made millionaire conversation.  In fact, this episode is called MILLION because that word touches everything Hogan shares. He also gives his Takeaway to jump-start your millionaire mentality and then features a story spotlight about Terry, a retired teacher who happens to have a net worth of over 1.3 MILLION dollars! That’s right, a teacher who became a self-made millionaire. Also, the Retire Inspired podcast has a reason to celebrate the word MILLION: the podcast has officially crossed over ONE MILLION PLAYS because of you VIPs! So join the celebration with a few episode goodies.






Hogan talks to Dave about the millionaires he has had on his talk show over the years. The two of them break down the mentality and actions a self-made millionaire.




Hogan breaks down the conversation with Dave.

HAVE A WHY. You must tap into that reason to keep you motivated and millionaire-bound.


STAY A STUDENT. Self-made millionaires study other millionaires and their practices.


FOLLOW AN INVESTMENT STRATEGY. Be consistent, and think long-term; make sure it’s easy enough to explain it to a 7th grader.




Hogan wants you to get feisty if you want to reach that millionaire status.


Be bold.


Go on the offensive and grow your retirement fund.


Get on the defensive to protect your wealth.




Meet Terry, the 72-year-old millionaire. From poverty to learning disabilities, this woman overcame it all to reach a net worth of 1.3 million.




YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Hogan’s team surprises him during his announcement that the Retire Inspired podcast has hit its first million plays. He had no idea how big the celebration would be.

So how do you celebrate such a milestone? With a cake? That’s a good start, but we have a gift for you VIPs. We could not have passed one million plays without you. So here’s your gift: a rap music anthem! Only the preview of it debuts on the podcast, but the link to the entire song is beneath the following lyrics.



Written/performed by David Wilkinson  Produced by James Childs


Humble beginnings, small Kentucky town,

Momma Hogan raised him right, but still he looked around and wondered,

“Should I go play ball, or get in the ring and fight?

But God, do you have a bigger dream for me tonight

that I cannot see with my own eyes?”

That’s when Hogan finally realized that all he had do was believe

that one day God would put him up on a stage and put him on a podcast mic


No, never going back ‘cause he knows that…


I was made for this, and I ain’t going out ‘til I take it…

what I came to get, I was made for this…

and I will never lose I was made for this… just face it…

I was made for this…


Yeah, we’re calling all VIPs, saddle up!

Our posse is ready ‘cause Hogan’s on the hunt

A man on a mission, nomadic with vision, so make your decision:

Will you choose to leave all your broken dreams behind you?

And ride to the fight to destroy what will bind you?

The anthem we ride to, it didn’t start today but when you pressed play

Now a million strong…

Believe your dreams are coming true, grab the reigns and sing along

‘Cause this is your song…


I was made for this, and I ain’t going out ‘til I take it… what I came to get…

I was made for this, and I will never lose I was made for this… just face it…

I was made for this, and I ain’t going out ‘til I take it… what I came to get…

I was made for this, and I ain’t going out I was made for this…

And I will never lose… I was made for this…


Remember the door where you left your excuses

Remember this day, remember that you must choose this

And never forget that nobody gives you anything

A fighter’s legit when unafraid to take everything

Don’t matter the opponent and no matter the moment

If you got a dream VIPs you got to get bloody

No retreat or surrender, no begging, no barter

Take every single shot and show them you can hit harder! 

So be strong and sing along… 

I was made for this… I was made for this… just face it… I was made for this!


Our gift to you! The full version is waiting for you here:




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