Oct 11, 2017

#37: How To Enjoy Your Future

Show Notes


This is the second episode of a two-part series that addresses how to clean up financial clutter from your past and enjoy your future. Hogan walks through saving, annual accountability, generosity, and how you can supercharge your future. Also featured in this episode: a new Hear From the People segment, with email and event attendee questions; a new Takeaway on milestones; plus Hogan reads a listener’s letter to debt. (If you haven’t listened to the first part, go back and listen to Episode 36: How to Clean Up Your Past.)   0:23—WELCOME   1:32—HOW TO ENJOY YOUR FUTURE

  • Saving for emergencies and purchases (@2:55)
  • Graduate Survival Guide (@6:38)
  • Investing help (@8:39)
  • Insurance and Tax questions (@9:25)
  • A yearly 360-degree financial checkup (@6:53)
  • Experiencing generosity (11:44)
  • Supercharging your future (15:00)

  22:56—GET SMART WITH YOUR MONEY For more information and inspiration, join Hogan at a Smart Money event near you.   23:57—HEAR FROM THE PEOPLE

  • Is having a Roth 401(k) and a Roth IRA overkill? (@24:33)
  • What if my spouse is not thinking big enough in high-definition? (@25:20)
  • How do my spouse and I save for the kids’ college during Baby Step 5? (@28:14)
  • Share your questions with Hogan! Email podcast@chrishogan360.com or call 844.283.9383.


  1. Create an event or experience around important landmarks.
  2. Mark those experiences with pictures and/or writing.
  3. Revisit those images and words so you can look back and remember.

  41:34—“DEAR DEBT” Chase, a Hogan VIP, wrote a letter to debt and sent it to Hogan to read in his signature voice.   45:28—RALLY CRY WRAP UP

  • This was the second episode of a two-part series. Don’t forget to listen to Episode 36 if you missed it.
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