Oct 18, 2017

#38: Special Episode - Hogan Takes YOUR Phone Calls

Show Notes


Hogan takes to the phones and shares insights with several callers as well as answers their questions. Why? Because this podcast is an ongoing conversation about the pursuit of your retirement dreams.




1:05—WAKE-UP CALL #1

VIP Mike has a question for Chris about investing, saving and paying off debt.

Do you have investing questions? Click here for help.


10:04—WAKE-UP CALL #2

VIP Sam, a 25-year-old, has a question about Social Security for his mother.


17:45—WAKE-UP CALL #3

VIP Tom has a question about the R:IQ and pensions.

Know your future number now VIPs: Get your R:IQ.


23:40—WAKE-UP CALL #4

VIP Dennis, a newlywed, wants to know about term life insurance versus whole life insurance and investing while working through the Baby Steps.


30:25—Rally Cry Wrap Up


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