Oct 31, 2018

Make Your Investments Produce For Retirement

Show Notes


We are celebrating our Facebook Group in this episode and taking their questions on things like annuities, raises, saving, investing for retirement, bonds and net worth. We are so proud of our online community that we want to cheer them on and highlight some of their shared wins!

       +Marianne hit $150K in her retirement account two weeks before her 40th birthday.

       + Carol and her husband are debt free. They paid off the house, and they are starting Baby Step 7.

       + Darren has been debt-free for 10 years!

       + Amy and her husband paid off their mortgage.

       + Pam is convincing her husband to pay off the mortgage.

       + Tony is moving onto Baby Step 6!


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“Fixed annuities limit your financial growth. You need to understand what you invest in for retirement.” – Chris Hogan



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      + Use Our Free Retirement Calculator: https://goo.gl/t58SyJ      

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